Oliver Smith and Syd 11 Excel

oliver smithYear 7 SYD 6 - Congratulations to the Player-Of-The-Day today, Oliver Smith (left).

Oliver scored 70 off 47 balls (incl. 13 4s!!). This helped his team to beat the New Brighton Knights by 2 wickets with nearly 3 overs to spare. SYD 6 needed 88 off 90 at half way drinks - so a mountain was climbed today boys! Coached by Fergus Smith. Well done to all the team & Oliver Smith.

syd 11Syd 11 (right) reclaimed the Year 6 Section 2 Shield today. Great tight game against OBC15. Very exciting! The game came right down to the final over and the boys showed great composure to win by 6 runs!! Well done Syd 11 & coach Blair Johnson. It was also great to have some year 9 boys watching the final 3 overs and cheering on both teams.