President Cardinals Match Report (27th October 2012)

One Day Competition - President Cardinals vs Sumner, St Leonards Park #1, Presidents, 27th October 2012

This game had a lot of similarities to last week's OBC game, fortunately not all. Sumner batted first, applied little pressure to our bowling throughout their innings, and eventually set us a below standard spring target of 93. We started well, then faded, but in this game, fortunately did enough to win it by 4 wickets.

So not exactly the convincing win we were looking for, but an ugly and much needed one nevertheless. Again the bowlers held the upper hand from the onset. Julien and the Skipper maintained the pressure from the outset, with Jules 17 off 7 setting the pace, and Ralphy's 2/7 highlighting that early pressure. Then the Ken Julian (1-17) - Dave Fleming (3-23) spin combination again took over and effectively completed the win. The two Kevin's, with two cheap wickets a piece, then did more than a holding job, before Jules and Ralphy returned to complete the innings.

The required 93 target, admittedly on a typically slow and variable Oct wicket, should have been been no challenge, and indeed we were never in any real doubt about achieving it. That was thanks to Kev Moore's excellent innings that was always coming. It was a typical Kev innings, a frantic charging first 2-3 overs which he survived, then a controlled settled middle part of the innings in which he set up the  win, before a frantic charging, successive sixes period that saw his eventual demise for a match winning 58. The rest of us played a very limited role, with only two barely making it into double figures.

Overall a good win where our bowling again dominated for the third game in a row, but with the batting still in need of  a good solid performance to set itself up for the season.

Check out the scorecard from the game.