President Cardinals Match Report (7th March 2015)

One Day Competition - President Cardinals vs ES Blue, Burwood Park #3, Presidents, 7th March 2015

It seems there’s something about the Cardinals playing East Blue at Burwood Park that has the spectre of Duckworth and Lewis hanging round like a pair of dirty old pedos without a bag of sweeties. Fortunately on Saturday, the rain eased after a brief spell at the start of each innings, and we got the game completed when other games in the grade were called off.

On a two-paced pitch that looked like India at one end and England at the other, Syds batted first with Laughts, Wild and Moore primed for a photo finish in the season’s Batting Aggregate Stakes.

Wildy was off and racing, taking the early initiative, scoring two singles in an expressive 32 before being cleaned up by Rose. Laughts was slightly more reserved, with two singles and a two in a score of 20. With both Wildy and Laughts gone with the score at 69 (calm down Bert), Kev Moore seized his chance, occupying the crease and cantering into the fray with an impressive string of singles. Brown and Barclay departed quickly, Phil being the unplanned first victim of his much vaunted zinger bails, only adding to the irony by playing on off his right tit.

Kev Moore worked well with Ken Julian, providing some much needed stability through the middle of the innings. Kev eventually departed for 44, bringing Craig Borcowski to the crease for the first time since his stunning 92 at Syds 3 a couple of months back. Ski continued like he left off, combining well with Ken, until Ken departed run out for 41, bringing Ralphie in, just in time for Ski’s two booming consecutive 6’s straight back down the ground in the final over of the innings, to finish 44 not out. He may be known as “Shotski” from here on in.

Ralphie was left on three not out, finishing the innings with the most aggressive defensive prod seen in some time in any form of cricket. Syds finished on 210 for six, with McLeod the best of the Easts bowlers, finishing up 2/18 off seven.

The rain set in again at the start of the Easts innings, bringing out the covers in other parts of the ground. Unlike last time, Easts didn’t even seem to notice it was raining and play continued without comment, with Syds working hard to zip through the overs.

Jules VD yet again gave the opposition a dose early, snaring a sharp caught and bowled off in his second over before any runs had been scored. After a maiden to start at the other end, Ken was going for around 4s but creating chances, taking the first of his three wickets in his third over. Syds kept the foot on the throat – apart from when Phil overran a pretty straightforward catch at long off and ended up trying to ‘Tui’ it as it sailed overhead. The hand he got on it prevented a boundary, but he was pretty filthy for a while after that and banished by Flem to backward square.

Mindful of the rain and the Duckworth-Lewis shenanigans at Burwood last time, and his previous success at Syds 3, Laughts took the ball to keep up the over rate – though any time saved was more than cancelled out chasing the ball as he got plundered for 19 off two. At least it might have provided an idea of what it’s like bowling to him. Or Wildy. Or Kev.

Bert eventually stumped the batsman Phil dropped for 28. Bert also took a catch behind, while Brownie took three catches in the field.

By then six down, Easts pretty much dropped their shorts, and there was talk of giving Phil a bowl. It was at this point Phil made his key contribution to the match.

As much as we all joke – Phil included – about him being the finisher, all Phil did this time was point out that another scalp was needed before he took the ball, only for a wicket to fall to Flem the very next delivery. Angus McLeod was the last man out very shortly after for Easts to finish 130 all out, and Syds to win by 80 runs. Key contributors with the ball were Flem – 4/24 off eight, Ken Julian 3/36 off eight, and Ralphie 2/13 off six.

Man of the Match: Ken Julian

Check out the scorecard from the game.