3C Cardinals Match Report (7th November 2015)

One Day Competition - 3C Cardinals vs Prebbleton, Sydenham Park #3, 3C, 7th November 2015

There are a few disappointed Cardinals this evening after what was a close fought and pretty tight game against our recent nemesis Prebbleton. After a week spent scouring the address book to find a couple of ring-ins, it was awesome to have Nigel and Kieran filling in this week, bringing us up to a full 11.

One Cardinal had a better day than most with Smitty opening the batting, the bowling, the banter, the only WAG in attendance, the only child (though correctly attired, but two gate fines) and no dropped catches. No caught ones either though….

After winning, or losing, his second non-toss in a row, Camo and the Cardinals found themselves batting first. The main obstacle playing this side in recent years has always been getting through the opening spell of Jaime. To be honest, with his initial figures at 3-1-3-3 it’s fair to say we have some work to do. With Nigel, Hemi and Camo back in the shed (or more accurately the new gazebo; Cheers Canterbury Glass!) it was looking like a short afternoon’s play. Luckily Spook had other ideas!

The highlight undoubtedly being a reverse swept six, Spook played a great middle order innings of 24 filled with his usual unorthodox style which bowlers can’t seem to find a response to. Ably supported by Kieran with 20 and Stokesy with 28, the ship was righted, and a good score was in the offing. Larts came in late with an aggressive 38 to push the total to a respectable 177/8, in partnership with Harry, who played his trademark pointless play and miss late innings special.

Unfortunately the second spell just didn’t go our way. Failing to make significant inroads into their pretty solid top order, the run rate got away on us a bit at the start. Smitty bowled a great opening spell, and I wish we all tried as hard as Hemi does with another great spell. Harry took a wicket with his first ball, but then turned to s**t (again) and Stokes managed to burgle a couple again.
Simply put: the edges few past us, too many four balls were bowled, the oven mitts changed hands too often and they scored a seven. The total was reached in the 37th over.

Man of the Match: TBD

Check out the scorecard from the game.