3C Cardinals Match Report (12th December)

One Day Competition - 3C Cardinals vs Addington,Centennial Park, 3C, 12th December 2015

For the second week in a row we played a team we had beaten pretty comfortably in the first round, for the second week in a row both lineups looked noticeably different since that first game, and for the second week in a row we got tipped up.

The lunatic in charge for the day decided that upon winning the toss we would bowl first, this with just 9 players available at 1pm and no less than 3 of those making their Cardinals debuts. It initially paid dividends, with all bowlers operating well to tie down the runs, leaving them 66/4 at drinks. It was only a couple of streaky overs toward the end of the innings that really got them much above 3 an over for the first time in the match, finishing 146 for (8?). I hope I'm right in my recollection here... wickets for Jimmy, Taylor, Chinny and Charlie.

The reply got off to a great start: in letting the fill-ins have their choice of position in the batting order we had two volunteers for openers while the rest of us picked up the Do-Bro's for the remaining spots. Chinny looked assured against the new ball until he was snatched by a reflex (fluke) catch in close. A few wickets fell in a bunch to have us 4 for 20-odd before Cooky and Shane got the ship back on track with some booming boundaries. Cooky fell but their bowlers continued to insist on bowling half-trackers so we insisted on depositing the ball into the adjacent stream. When the next wicket fell that left Jimmy and Taylor to negotiate a tough little period as the score hovered at 90-odd for 6. A couple of Taylor specials over long-on got us going again until he was undone by a cracker. With just 20-needed and 2 wickets left, yours truly took what was (in retrospect) an ill-advised single off the 2nd ball of an over to expose the tail to the strike, and the rest as they say is history.

A game played in good spirits against a reasonable bunch of blokes, came down to (what felt like?) a pretty exciting finish! Special cheers need to go to those who filled in for us. Keeper + death bowler + opening bat Charlie, I think I heard he was 14? Future Cardinal. His dad Steve, who did a commendable job on the boundary and probably played 70 overs of cricket he wasn't bargaining on at the start of the day. Chinny, good all-round contribution. And Flynny and Muzz who at different stages after drinks were good enough to come in as our 11th fielder.

Man of the Match: TBD

Check out the scorecard from the game.