3C Cardinals Match Report (13th February 2016)

One Day Competition - 3C Cardinals vs Southern Districts, Waltham Park #1, 3C, 6th February 2016

Those regular readers of these reports will remember that last week the cardinals didn't get off to a vintage start, being 15/5 after 7 overs - surely it couldn't get any worse than that?


At 0/3 after two overs the Cardinals were surely giving the record a bit of a push. With Frenchie, Hemi and Pete back in the shed, Harry joined Stokesy out in the middle tasked with getting the train back on the tracks. The going was slow, the bowling was reasonable and the banter from the sideline was unhelpful. Having agreed to try and make it through to drinks, Harry was out next ball for 21 and after a short but entertaining stay Krefty was also out 2 balls shy of the break. Stokesy forgot to have a drink at Drinks, and he and Manny returned to try and improve from the 50 odd we were on at the time. Manny was trying to play himself into some sort of form - whilst dealing with a sore hamstring which made running between the wickets difficult. Cammo came in at 8, and he and Stokesy batted really well - adding valuable runs in the last 10 overs. Unfortunately Stokesy didn't get the not out he thoroughly deserved, out on the penultimate ball - leaving Smithson to come in at the non-strikers end for the last one - undoubtedly his biggest contribution to the match. Cammo was not out 53, and Stokes' 41 meant that the cardinals thought that the 149/7 just might be competitive.

It wasn't.

It was as though time itself slowed down. A hard slog in the field as two reasonably accomplished batsmen took us out of the game. We fielded well, but there was absolutely nothing. Nothing. Nil. Zilch. Not a thing. At drinks their 112/0 was frustrating, and a re-enthusiasm was needed. It didn't really help. The bowlers were trying hard, but honestly, there was nothing. In a last ditch effort, a few lads were tossed the ball to try and engineer a breakthrough. Fair to say BK didn't work, but eventually Cammo himself got a breakthrough with a good C&B (enjoy tonight mate), then, next over, O'Shea picked up a wicket with Manny taking a really great outfield catch. Ultimately too little too late, we got hammered by 8 wickets with plenty of overs to spare.

Tough day - all agree never to speak of it again - enthusiasm will be rekindled after a wee break next weekend for everyone. Valentines Day tomorrow, did someone remember to order Stokesy some flowers?

Man of the Match: TBD

Check out the scorecard from the game.