3B Goats Match Report (5th March 2016)

One Day Competition - 3B Goats vs Heathcote, Centennial Park #2, 3B, 5th March 2016

Not quite sure what this game was. We'd completed the top 6 round robin and this wasn't a quarter final so it was probably just a bonus game to fill in a week.

Upon arriving at Centennial Park the first thing I did was ring Pete Dillon to bring a broom over so we could sweep the pitch. Lumps of mud had been rolled and dried to disks all over the pitch which combined with heaps of green grass and no bounce had Heathcote salivating about winning the toss and bowling first. We however wanted to bat first so we could keep them out in the heat and we knew it would get lower and lower as the day went on. Also Rob was turning up late due to fog at the airport delaying flights from earlier in the day.

Our decision paid early dividends as Chris and Jake put on 61 for the first wicket without any great worries and it was a surprise when Chris was out, caught by the keeper. Amos came in and looked in great touch hitting a couple of great off drives but with the score at 84 things started to unravel. They brought on a couple of slower pace bowlers and both Jake and Amos were caught and with Josh bowled for 0 we had lost 3 wickets for 0 runs. After a mad scramble to pad people up AC and Pat steadied the ship getting the score through to 118 before a bizarre dismissal. The ball was played down to the backward square boundary where there fielder made a good stop and threw the ball back in. Andy was wandering around outside his crease as Pat had said the ball had gone for 4 (which it definitley hadn't) and the keeper flicked the ball onto the stumps. After some discussion Andy was given out (correctly). When will he learn never to trust those Aussies. Wickets continued to fall at regular intervals but we scraped our way up to 151 before being dismissed, giving ourselves a reasonable total to defend.

Early in our bowling effort 151 was looking well short of what we needed as their openers came out blazing scoring 38 in just 4 overs. Tom went for 23 in his 2 overs so Pat was brought in to try his luck at the southern end. Alex Brailey got the breakthrough in the 5th over bowling one opener with a slower ball and from then on it was the Pat show. His 3rd ball was a rare wide but with his 4th and 5th balls he picked up plumb LBWs and found himself on a hat trick. This was averted but over his next 4 overs he ended up with 6 wickets for the cost of that solitary wide. Two sharp catchs by Rob Graves at slip, one batsman bowled and their captain lobbing a simple catch to Josh at mid on had them go from 38/0 to 45/7. Jon chipped in with a wicket at the other end and while their number 9 started blazing away Pat soon had him top edge to Jake at point to have them 9 down and Pat with 7 wickets. Jon then bowled carefully to their number 11, careful not to try and get him out, so Pat could go for his 8th wicket in his final over. First ball of that over was full, straight and hitting middle to give Pat the fantastic figures of 7.1-3-17-8, the best for the club this season and the best of all time for the Goats.

A great spell backed up by some great fielding and catching had us winning decisively after getting home in two tight games earlier in the season. Great to see Logan down at the ground while he was over from England for a few days.

Man of the Match: Patrick Clarke

Check out the scorecard from the game.