President Cardinals Match Report (5th November 2011)

One Day Competition - President Cardinals vs LPW, Sydenham #2, Presidents, 5th November 2011

Personally, LPW at Sydenham is a game that I always look forward to - not that I should, being the top team, LPW beat us more regularly than most, but equally we probably beat them as much as anyone else in the competition. No, it's because I like their attitude - they're good players who deservedly won the competition last year, where you always know you're in for a game because they're definitely out to beat you, indeed expect to - but equally it's not the most important thing in life for them, something that one or two other teams could emulate. Yes, there will always be the odd controversial decision, and there was one in this game, but in fairness, there were also three LBW appeals that were actually out, and they gave all of them without hesitation - lest we forget.

Unfortunately the skipper's gloating good fortune with the toss only lasted only one week, and LPW quickly asked us to bat, as we would have them. Our innings was dominated by three partnerships, each holding their own place, and each in association with the in-form Geoff Thin. Although the opening partnership only put on 21 before Kev Moore was run out, it was at a 4-5 runs clip that gave the innings some impetus. The key partnership came next when Tim Murdoch and Thiny set about consolidating that start, and with careful shot selection worked us through into a sound position at  98 before Tim was bowled. Worries of a lack of follow through were eased somewhat when Thiny and Kev Congdon managed to hold the rate around 4-5 before accelerating towards the end at 6-8 to take us to 178 before Kevin was out. When Thiny was eventually out for an excellent 59, Billy Nic and Spencey then sacrificed their wickets in the hunt for quick runs in the final couple of overs,  and we eventually finished at 183/6.

Park's innings was a tense one throughout. Although we got three quick wickets to have them 15/3 after 4 overs, thanks to Flem and Thommo, Park's Scott Wilson was looking intimidating at the crease - he lost partners regularly throughout the innings but was seemingly able to strike boundaries whenever he needed to, and accordingly kept the run rate always within reach. However, this was one of our better bowling line ups and the pressure was kept on by each new bowler that came to the crease. Players were chipped out at one end and Wilson's strike restricted as much as possible by field placings and good bowling.

All the bowlers bowled well.  Jules and Jason were always on the spot, Jace creditably so in his first run of the season, Thommo's 3-16 was the best return, and Tim and Billy were as reliable as ever when the chips are down. But one of the key moments was when Kev clung onto a hot catch at slip to break a stubborn 6th wicket partnership that was really starting to threaten. In the end we won the game with 25 runs to spare when Bill finally bowled Scott Wilson. Perhaps a neutral might claim an injustice based upon the quality of Wilson's innings, but don't you just love some injustices, they certainly make the beer taste colder.

Check out the scorecard from the game.